FAQ Acumens India

What is Acumensindia.com?

Acumensindia.com will be the online platform to facilitate all businesses and services in India. The yellowpage platform is designed to benefit both the businesses/services who wish to post their business and users those who are in immediate search of needful.

How does Acumensindia benefits you?

Has Acumensindia taken the efforts of creating a comprehensive solution for finding business/service requirements in India. The platform is created in a very user-friendly and easy to navigate manner that creates no confusion for the users.

Why you should Register Acumensindia.com?

Do you have a business/services to offer. Become a part of Acumensindia.com through Registration.
Registration is a simple process where the user fills their details to create an account in the site. Once registered the user will get a Login Page. The business/services posted in the site will be summarised in the Loging page. Also the user gets enquiries and payment informations of the yellowpage posted.

Can I use Acumensindia.com without registering?

Yes, you can use Acumensindia.com as a guest user to search thousands of business and services that fulfill your requirement.

Why should I give my email id and contact details when I am registering on Acumensindia.com ?

The email id that you specify is the one of the options on which you get all information and customer contact on your listed business/service. Other contact details are phone no. and your mailing address. You will get instant contact with your prospective customer through SMS and Email.

How can I register if I dont have an email id?

If you don't have an email id , you could send the business details along with contact details to contact@Acumensindia.com Our customer care will support you to post your business/service in the site.

How do I add photos / videos while registering?

After registering your personal info, select Start Post Yellow Page in costomer login page to post business/service details where you will have option to upload photo/video. Upload photo and video are paid services. The size of each photo should not be more than 4MB and Video should not exceed 4MB.

What happens if there is objectionable contents in any of the matter I have entered?

If by any chance any/all of the fields have objectionable content , the contact rejects entries in the field and sends you an email showing the reason why it has been rejected. You can change the matter and enter the fresh content using the link Edit in costomer login page. The new entry will be screened and approved by the contact.

Is there a Free listing option in Acumensindia.com ?

Yes there is Free listing option in the site called Simple Listing , which is absolutely free. The user could Register and give the business details and contact details to Post a Yellow page.

What are the Paid packages in Acumensindia.com web site?

There are three types of paid packages in the site. With the nominal amount charged for the paid packages you could enhance the visibility of the business/service listing and get more response